Damn Good Denim: Good American jeans review πŸ‘–

I am a woman who, for her entire life, has dreaded shopping for denim shorts because the waist NEVER fit! I needed to order slightly larger sizes to comfortably fit my track and field sculpted legs and butt. This meant that there has ALWAYS been a gap in the waist of my jeans that has forced me to wear tight belts which dig into my skin, or to spend even more money on bringing them to the tailor. This had me looking for other clothing options (yoga pants and sweats, hello!). But jeans… jeans offer a timeless classic look.

Eventually, a Levi’s jean store opened in the Tustin Marketplace that was advertising its selection of different jean cuts to fit different body types. The cut that I was measured to fit in was called bold and curvy, and featured a tapered waist fit to hug curvier girls’ larger butt/leg region and cinch in a petite waist.

I’ve not grown (vertically) an inch since freshman/sophomore year of high school. So those fit me and I was set for the next few years. Fast forward to college, and I’d had the same problem- every pair of jeans/pants I purchased must be hemmed in the legs (I have stubby legs) and the waist.

Since the Kardashians seem to be everywhere, and known by everyone, I heard word that KhloΓ© dropped a new brand of denim called Good American. I ordered a pair of white denim shorts called ‘the cutoffs’ in a size zero. Later in the week, the package arrived. Upon removing the shorts from the box, you could tell that OFF the hanger the shorts had a unique fit, with a noticeably smaller waist cut which is more narrow than the hip/thigh area. They fall just below the belly button which is a perfect cut to wear with cute crop tops (but really, you can wear them with anything).

They are on the pricier side, but, honestly, the quality of the stretch denim and the option for cropped/regular leg lengths in the jeans has SAVED MY LIFE! Plus the shorts are an appropriate length, your booty cheeks won’t fall out of them.

 Here i am in two differen pairs of the line’s jeans.

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