Flower Wall 🌸

I am a writer with thoughts and ideas whirling through my brain 24/7, waiting to take root. Occasionally, I act on some of my creative impulses and end up doing really cool projects like the one that I shall present to you right now.

Today, I pulled up at Michael’s to purchase some new decorations for my room, which i recently painted. I had been at the craft store a few days prior to today’s trip and noticed some beautiful 1ft by 1ft plastic squares that had flowers glued all over them. There were blue, purple, pink, yellow, white, and many other color-themed arrangements. Each square, however, cost $20.00, which is far too expensive for its size. I decided to walk away from the decorations. I also reasoned with my self: why would i want fake flowers? Fresh cut flowers are the way to go.

But the seed was planted. I immediately imagined placing the flower squares side by side to create a perennial wall somewhere along the perimeter of my room.

During my impulse trip to Michael’s today, i planned to peruse the flower section again, without intending to purchase a bunch of the squares. Upon my arrival to the store, i discovered that their spring flower section was on sale for half off. Obviously, i jumped on the deal.

I selected blue flower squares because my walls are painted a light blue grayish color. I decided to purchase six; i wanted to create a sizeable patch of flowers in my room on a wall. I chose to tack the squares using pushpins onto a completely blank wall next to my bed and a window; a perfect place for the flowers to be- the lighting is great!

Now, as i lay in bed, i get to gaze at a blue-grey wall covered with a blanket of blue and baby blue flowers. I recognize now the staying power of the artificial flower creations that Michael’s and other craft stores peddle. 🤓

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