Chuckle- Daily Post Prompt Response

When i think of this word, my mind quickly turns to one person in particular: my best friend since forever, Jamie Adams.

We have grown up together in Tustin for our entire lives, attending the same elementary, middle, and high school. Now, as college students with big dreams and primed-to-succeed attitudes, our bond remains as bulletproof as before.

Though i’ve made mistakes during the course of our friendship, including when i allowed my jealous ex to tear apart our bond, Jamie hadn’t given up on me.

Miss Chuckles is a beautiful girl: She is a 5 foot, 4 inch blonde and has the longest legs with the tiniest waist and biggest booty. She has recently met the love of her life thus far: a handsome blonde guy who attends and golfs for CSU Long Beach.

When asked to reflect on our companionship, a few things immediately come to mind: her vivacious, live-for-the-moment attitude, her big white smile, and her LOVABLE laugh.

Jamie in her natural habitat.

Many beautiful evenings spent with Jamie have arrived and passed gracefully, each moment spent in the hot tub in my backyard, plotting out our futures, gossiping, and laughing our butts off.

Words Jamie live by.

I would be complaining about something, and Jamie would burst into laughter, which would cue my own uncontrolled giggles regarding the subject at hand.

Finding the happiness in little situations like these ones is what makes Jamie so special, that along with her immense heart and soul, which belong to the beautiful beaches and coasts of our hometown, Orange County. 

Jamie and I at Newport Beach the summer of 2015.

From left: Jamie, Natalie, and i, June 2015.


5 thoughts on “Chuckle- Daily Post Prompt Response

  1. This is so amazing, I could really relate to it, I have two best friends, and we’re friends since kindergarten, and now that we’re are living far away from each other, it’s really hard to maintain that bond. Seeing you with your friend, and being together against all odds is so inspiring. 😊😊

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    1. It is very difficult, and me and Jamie go through periods (a few weeks at a time) in which we stop communicating over text message/etc. Although it’s not preferred, when you actually do get to see that person, you will definitely appreciate your friendship and cherish them more!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me πŸ™‚

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