Senator Cory Booker: Sanctuary Cities/States are not in Violation of the Law 💒🗽

Two nights ago on Jake Tapper’s hour-long evening show on CNN , he interviews California Democratic senator Cory Booker, who states that:

Sanctuary cities are not violating the law. California respects all federal laws. We are not under threat to support Trump executive orders. Serious criminals? Lock them up and deport them. We dont have to take dictate from a president who probably hasnt read the constitution in a long time.

He goes on to indicate that:

Sanctuary cities are not violating the law. One cannot take away another’s liberty when they’re doing nothing wrong.

The Constitution promises to protect it’s people, NOT to go to churches, schools, places of worship, etc. and deport innocent, productive individuals who contribute to the well-being of the United States of America.

Booker confirms that California authorities are:

… not going to voluntarily take away [a person’s]  liberty when [they’re] doing nothing wrong.

Overall, Booker’s message tonight on Jake Tapper’s program can be summarized in the following phrase:

California has followed all federal laws, so why have Trump’s executives been taking to violating the law and deporting ‘Dreamers’ who are simply on their way to work, at the grocery store, etc.?

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