My Afternoon at the Beach: First Sandcloud Post

Today. 🌊🐚

About a week ago, i received my first Sand Cloud Towels shipment. I recently became an ambassador for this company after viewing an advertisement for the site on Facebook. I’ve been provided with a 25% off discount code to share with anyone looking at this blog or my insta: AbigailBer25. Type this code in the discount section when completing your purchase in the shopping cart.

Every purchase made gives back 10% of profits to #savethefishies, as their Instagram tag reads. I’ve recently started an Instagram account as well, where i will share pictures of my Sand Cloud gear while I’m at the beach.

The Foundations that Sand Cloud donates to:

Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and San Siego Coastkeeper.

Sand Cloud Mission.

My Instagram posts on #savethefishies:

Burgundy longsleeve save the fishies tee.

Look forward to more posts from me regarding this awesome brand! πŸ˜‡πŸ’πŸŒŽπŸ’š

6 thoughts on “My Afternoon at the Beach: First Sandcloud Post

      1. Nah, it has stopped snowing (finally). It’s just very cloudy, rainy and windyπŸ˜•So not even like the fun kind of “bad weather”. But that’s basically how the weather is most of the time hereπŸ˜‚

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      2. The past three days have been cloudy and cold here and everyone is freaking out. Its so unusual here but i love it! Maybe i wouldnt love living in it though… do you have to shovel snow off your driveway? That and other cold weather-related issues would definitely appreciate the sunshine!

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      3. Sometimes in winter yeah… Mostly it’s the kind of snow that just melts and gets and grey and sad πŸ˜› It came as a surprise for everyone but it was actually around 23 degrees C today! The hottest day so far

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