Embrace Your Creativity 🌀💡🌈😇

As a college student, my life revolves around hustling to turn in assignments on time, going to the gym, and when im not doing those things im likely relaxing watching CNN.

I certainly have flexibility in my schedule which leaves me with some time to develop some type of inspiring hobby. A few weeks ago, i had no idea where to start.

As a young girl, I loved glitzy, sparkly accessories and knick knacks at kid’s stores and at Michael’s arts and crafts store.

Recently, I decided to visit my local craft store and did a quick run around, looking for some artsy inspiration.

I absolutely love lighting fragranced candles in my room throughout the day. Each different scented candle i have provides a unique sensual experience each time i walk into my room. Although this is not necessarily a problem people are looking to fix, there is something many people would undoubtedly agree on: most lighters are quite ugly.

I decided that i wanted to bejewel some plain lighters. My trip to Michael’s ended when i strode out of the store, medium-sized grocery bag in my hand filled with cute stickers, gems, and crafting tape.

I’ve designed quite a few bejeweled lighters at this point, and will continue to post updates with photos of my new products.

How do you like the designs I’ve chosen so far? Comments and questions detailing your thoughts on my posts are encouraged.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Below, I’ve uploaded pictures of several lighters i’ve recently decorated for you to take a look at:

Green princess crown glitter lighter.
Butterfly lighter.
Blue princess crown glitter lighter.
Gold butterfly glitter lighter.

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