Exposed: The Daily Post Response

I recently started an Instagram account with the intention of using it to expose my blog to a wider audience. So far i do believe it has indeed helped expand my readership.

The digital community is massive, and it takes a little bit more effort than you’d think to get attention. How do you get your page to stand out amongst millions of other Instagram users?

Many people scoff at the thought of an Instagram celebrity. The hard truth is that they ARE a thing, and there are many perks to finding a significant online following. That is why most of us bloggers are here on WordPress as well: day by day, we pour our hearts and thoughts into our sites, hoping to reach an accepting and interested audience.

Girls hope to gain, click by click, tens to hundreds to thousands of followers by getting seen on pages with large followings. There are dozens of ‘college girl’-type pages on Instagram, where girls send a page their best photos in order to get their photo featured on the page.

Instagram, when used correctly, can help people gain attention for their services, products, or frames. The more views and likes you acquire, the more social media ‘popular’ you become. Above is a shout out that Instagram account collegebabes posted today. In order to expose your page/account to more followers, you have got to take a risk and share a cute picture of yourself. The more people who see your account, the more people there are going to grow an interest in you and follow you!

The Beginner’s Demise:

If you just started an Instagram account and don’t know how to begin acquiring followers, i’d suggest first posting a few of your absolute favorite pictures to your account, so you have some content available. That way, when people browse by your account, they will actually find content that inspires them to continue looking through your page. Most popular Instagram accounts, just like WordPress accounts, have an incredibly professional look which increases the value of the writer/poster’s work. Paying attention to the details and spending the time to get that ‘just right’ picture or post definitely pays off!

The only way to get started is to dive in! In order to be successful online, one must expose more of their frame/thoughts than they might feel comfortable with. Many find the idea of mass exposure scary. I fear the digital world, for sure. That’s why i keep my account on private.

Isn’t that the point in the social media world anyway? To make a mark and establish your little niche on the net?

What do you think about this post? Comments and questions are welcomed! Thank you for taking the time to read this.


4 thoughts on “Exposed: The Daily Post Response

  1. I quit Instagram not a long while ago, simply because I was bored with it and never posted anything. I do think it’s a smart way to expand your readership on your blog, liking making a Facebook page and such. It’s just a lot of platforms you have to make updates on and I personally really suck at using all those social media thingies 😛

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    1. Dude i feel you. The thing im struggling with rn is i have very few cute pics of myself so im starting with nothing and viewers are shallow and picky. They only want to click on the cutest pictures with perfect angles/poses/cool art. It’s going to be tough and take some time to gain a following, but im going to give it a go since i too am pretty illiterate in the social media world 😅 and apparently if you accumulate 10,000+ followers you can start doing product promos and getting paid to wear cute stuff 😻

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