Poem: The Writer’s Golden Rule

“…Like a pencil driven between the blue lines by a driver with no clear direction in mind.

‘The more you write, the more you write.’

I can’t recall who said that to me, but the words stuck. An inky stain, dark black and impossible to remove.”

β€’Michael Faudetβ€’

In Dirty Pretty Things, Michael Faudet writes a poetic novel detailing dark and romantic memories from the past in the male gaze perspective. Expect more blog posts featuring quotes from the novel as i continue to read it- it is quite beautiful! πŸ₯€
What do you think about this quote? Does it serve as a piece of possible inspiration to you? 

Share with me what you think. If you do, I’ll go ahead and take a look at your blog as well and provide some of my own input. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Love, Abbie Leigh πŸ°πŸ–€

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