Poem: Fate

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I never truly believed in fate unil your lips met mine and convinced me otherwise.

•Michael Faudet•

This line reminds me of my boyfriend. Our little love story is quite sweet: We had both applied to an Adidas’ retail location in Irvine, CA and were in the same group interview. That store (its exact shop location at the mall has changed since then) is home to some of the sweetest, most beautiful moments and memories i’ve shared with him.

He is not only my best friend but my number one confidant. I share all of my deepest hopes and dreams with him and in every situation, he looks at things from a mature and understanding perspective and provides profound insights. He’s my man. I am proud to say it.

He met me as an innocent, 17 year old girl and has stuck my my side through three tattoos and a piercing. When he noticed these body mods i’d been making, he didn’t even bat an eyelid. His love remains unchanged and our loyalty to one another remains the number one assured thing in my life. I need not worry about it because i know my heart is safe in his hands, no matter how far apart we are (he works in Los Angeles right now).
I have since removed my piercing, and am in the process of removing all of my tattoos, and he supports that decision as well. He truly wants me to be whoever i want to be, and it makes me so happy to think about how i can truly do anything and accomplish anything and i know he’ll still be here by my side, supporting me and asking important questions that my impulsive ass might have forgotten to bring attention to.

For him i am grateful.

In Dirty Pretty Things, Michael Faudet writes a poetic novel detailing dark and romantic memories from the past in the male gaze perspective. Expect more blog posts featuring quotes from the novel as i continue to read it- it is quite beautiful! 🥀

What do you think about this quote? Does it serve as a piece of possible inspiration to you? Let me know; let’s talk about it! 


Abbie Leigh B 🐰🖤

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