Laguna Beach, CA. Today’s Summer Vacation Destination:

It’s summertime in sunny SoCal, and the weather has never been more prime for a trip to the beach [okay i lied; this past week has been cloudy and a bit chilly in Orange County] with my best friend, Jamie Adams. We indulged in the typical Laguna local’s treat: we rock-climbed the coast which leads up to a huge cliff spanning the coast. Sprawling, multi-million dollar homes have been built on stilts on the cliff’s perimeter, some with various precarious winding staircases which lead the homeowners down to the beach.

This place gives off the impression that it has a ‘private’, intimately cute beach feel with the backdrop of the ocean constantly churning and rumbling in the background.

During our adventure, i took some photos which i’ve included below. Enjoy browsing! 😇💕

Myself at one of the 
edges of the coast.

A gorgeous, teal-tinted sea creature.

A big Laguna wave crashes on the coast.

A gorgeous yellow flower located close to where we parked.

A serene view of the sand and the day’s cloudy sky.

This was a lucky shot; i barely missed getting drenched in saltwater!

Jamie running through the sands.

Jamie climbing the bottom of a cliffside home’s stairwell.

Thanks for taking a read! I hope you’re enjoying the end of spring/beginning of summer season. If you liked this post or have any questions regarding California beaches i’d love to give you some advice on where to park and get your summer vacation off to a great start without the overwhelming population of the overcrowded main beach. Laguna’s main beach is a good place to start for all tourists taking a look around, but to have a nice relaxing day in the sand and sun without hundreds of tourists inches away from your beach towel, walk a little ways away from the main beach on either the right side or left side. There is sand as far as the eyes can see.



Abbie Leigh 🐰🖤



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