Summer Beats: Houston Edition 🎧🌞🥀

The other day, I visited the Anaheim Sports Center to watch my brother who is a freshman in high school play with his new club volleyball team.

On my favorite Pandora station, i listened to a variety of throwback songs which set a chill, summer vibe for the drive back home. A link to each song [plus some bonus links] is provided below.

Today’s song collection features a myriad of Houston, Texas artists. Enjoy listening!

Wanna Be A Baller: Lil’ Troy featuring Fat Pat, Yungstar, Big T, Lil’ Will and Big Hawk.

This track is featured on Troy’s 1998 Sittin’ Fat Down South gangsta rap album.

Notable lyrics: 

Hittin, my remote, sittin, in my shit/Presidential V-12 with that AMG kit/It don’t quit, as I get high/From K.C. to H-Town, connectin SouthSide/Now we worldwide, watch me highside/Fat Pat blowin killa, can’t be denied/187 thugs, oh yeah we got love/Blowin sticky green we flow through and above…

Telephone Calls: A$AP Rocky, A$AP Mob, A$AP Bari, A$AP Ferg, The Jerky Boys, A$AP Nast, A$AP Twelvyy, A$AP Illz, and A$AP Ant 

To be perfectly honest, i haven’t enjoyed many of the tracks on this album and am dissapointed in the rushed, lack-of-time-spent-editing sound. Having said that, as i drove down the I5 South (in Southern California), i enjoyed parts of this chill, trendy track.

All Cot Up: SPM ft Ayana

This track features South Park Mexican, a Southern rap artist. He is one of my favorite rappers because i enjoy how he incorporates his Mexican culture in his music through the use of simple, classic beats and the Spanish guitar (also Piano, Violin [He has an album called The Last Chair Violinist, which features the classical instrument: I have included a few songs from this album below.]etc.). I’d definitely take a look at a number of his tracks including:

Woodson N’ Worthing: SPM

Hoggin And Doggin: SPM featuring Carolyn Rodriguez,Lucky Luciano, and Low-G.

Gangsterous: SPM

This last track is 11 minutes long, so be prepared to closely follow the lyrics and feel the vibes of each Dope House Records artist:

Dope House Family

If you like the songs I suggested, let me know. Maybe I’ll start posting music blogs more frequently. Thanks for taking a read. 😇💚


Abbie Leigh 🐰🖤

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