Today’s Workout + Playlist:

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Hello! Writing to you from the gym- i’m doing some blogging while on the treadmill. Read on to find out what i worked on today. 😈💪🏻

I have had an LA Fitness membership since i was 13, and i absolutely love the company’s gym facilities. I worked at the signature LA Fitness in Irvine, California for a while. Fast forward to today, and im working out in the Tustin location closest to my old high school.

Why LA Fitness? First, the membership prices are reasonable! My membership costs just $20 a month (im not sure how prices have escalated since i purhased my own.) There is an abundance of personal trainers who walk around the gym between their own training sessions and with fellow gym-goers and providing professional workout advice. The staff have always been friendly and efficient.

Since i did some major 60lb weighted lunges yesterday, i am choosing to take today’s workout much slower and lighter.

Remember to: select the weight setting that is right for you and your workout.

Here’s Today’s Workout Session:

• To start, i went on the elliptical for 10 minutes, walked on the treadmill at a steep incline (for 20 minutes), then did a variety of static/dynamic stretches in order to increase blood flow into my tight muscles. Specifically, i did the butterfly hip/glute/inner thigh stretch in which the bottoms of my feet touch one another and then i butterfly my legs out, pushing them doen by leaning my elbows on my shins. I also did a half-split glute/hip/hip flexor/quad stretch.

Next, i performed a core circuit:

• Push-up position plank, 30 seconds. Form- keep butt and head in line with back. Do not let head droop or butt sag or raise. Create a straight line with your body.

• Forearm plank, with side twists. Form- drop right hip to floor, back to center, then drop left hip to the floor. Repeat, 30 seconds.

• 10-20 crunches. Form- Find a spot on the ceiling. Keep your eyes and head looking up toward the ceiling + keep your arms raised in a chest press position. Add a weighted plate or dumbbell. Raise your torso all the way up, then back down.

• 10-20 kick outs. keep hands on mat by your sides. Lean back, extend your legs away from your body, then retract them. Maintain steady balance.

Repeat 4 times.

Hip Abductor machine. Form- keep legs at a 90 degree angle, hold but don’t lean on the front of the machine with your hands]. The weight i lifted- 110 lbs. Select the weight setting that is right for you and your workout.

• Isolated Hamstring Curl machine. Form- set the machine to your appropriate size and weight. Perform one leg at a time.

Repeat 4 times.

Once you finish your workout, make sure that you eat a protein-packed snack, which will  help your muscles rebuild when your body is in recovery. Your booty/core/legs may feel tight. That is awesome! It means that you pushed yourself to the limit during your last workout. Keep it up and you’ll start to see physical results if you’re exercising correctly.

Below, I’ve provided the screenshots and links of some of the songs i jammed out to during today’s gym session. Enjoy!

Starboy. The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk.


Fear No Evil. Juan Gotti.


Long Live A$AP. A$AP Rocky.


Suga Suga. Baby Bash featuring Frankie J.


Streets on Beats. SPM.


Thanks for taking a read. Let me know what you think about this workout plan. I’d love to learn about some of your own workout plans as well!



Abbie Leigh B 🐰🖤

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