Today’s Workout + Video

Note: The introduction was written yesterday as i warmed up for my workout. Featured image  citation.

Hello! I just showed up at the gym. It’s time to get my morning workout in, despite my reluctance. My muscles are feeling sore, and my mind is wimping out before ive even hit any weights.

I decided i would take today’s workout nice and slow. Since i am on summer break and am unemployed, there is no excuse for me not to hit the gym every day. With that thought in mind, i am going to jump into my warmup and go from there.

Read on to see what ill be working on today.

Remember to: select the weight setting that is right for you and your workout.

Here’s Yesterday’s Workout Session:

• To warm up, i walked on the treadmill at a slight incline for 10-20 mins.

Static stretching: butterfly, one leg out, lean forward, on both sides, and a half split stretch to target my sore glutes and hip flexors.

Next, i performed a booty blast circuit, as seen in the video below:



• 20 walking weighted lunges. I had a 40lb bar on my back. You can also use dumbbells rested on your shoulders to add some extra weight to the basic lunge. Form- don’t move through the exercise too quickly; focus on maintaining your balance and keep your front leg at a 90 degree angle, with the shin on you back leg parallel to the floor and lightly tap the floor with your knee.

• 10 [one each side] isolated weighted glute kick backs. I lifted 70 lbs on each leg. Form- keep back flat, and head in line with the rest of your body. Don’t hang it down or you’ll strain your neck. Donkey kick your right leg back, slowly let the weights back down. Repeat on right leg.

• 10 heavy leg presses. For my first few sets, i pressed 270 lbs. For my final set, i pressed 360 lbs. Form- press the weight upward, using your glutes and hamstrings. Try not to lock your knees at the top. Pause, then slowly (this is resistance training) bring your legs back to a 90 degree position.

Repeat 4 times.

After my workout, i went home and made sure to get some protein in my post workout meal. It is incredibly important to eat a snack as soon as possible after your workouts. If you’re looking for results and muscle growth, protein is what you need! To prevent sore muscles tomorrow, do some static stretches as part of your cool down.


Thanks for taking a read. Let me know what you think about this workout plan. I’d love to learn about some of your own workout plans as well!



Abbie Leigh B 🐰🖤



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