Today’s Workout + Playlist

Writing to you from the LA Fitness Barranca location. It’s such a nice facility. I am totally impressed and will definitely start coming here more often. They have a nice little juice bar like the Michelle location, which i usually visit.

This gym has a plethora of new machines with exercises i can and will incorporate into my summer routine!

Exercise is my drug. I’ve decided im happiest when working out; it’s the thing i’m best at [besides writing]. 

I just realized there are fucking AIR CONDITIONING VENTS on this machine- to the genius who incorporated this man-made breeze, thank you.

I just tripped on the treadmill as i was simultaneously writing this blog post. i accidentally pressed the emergency stop button so i had to start over from the beginning. 10 minutes left.

With all these exciting new leg press machines, glute machines, etc exercises in mind, let’s take a look at what im working on today.

Today’s Workout:

• I started my session on the treadmill for 25 minutes, walking at a continuously increasing vertical distance. For the last two minutes of my walk, i performed walking lunges. 

The treadmill’s high-tech control panel.
Booty Blast workout for today:

• After that sweat sesh, i grabbed some water and headed downstairs to my playground, the free weights room. i started with some leg presses. Sets of 10, 90 lbs on each side. 

• I tried to do some hack squats with 2 45lb plates on each side, but because i’ve been going hard and heavy lately plus i just did a pretty killer cardio session, my legs were too weak to support that weight. I went down to one 45 lb plate on each side.

Repeat 4 times.


Hack squat machine visual instruction manual.
• I am feeling a bit too tired to keep my roll going, so i decide to round out my workout with 100 russian twists.

• At the end of my mini core session, i sat in a half-split stretch position for 1-2 minutes on each leg.

After that workout, i washed my hands in the bathroom and grabbed a delicious protein packed smoothie from the cute little juice bar inside the gym. Its menu name is peanut butter dream, which features chocolate whey protein isolate. 

Below, I’ve included some photographs and links of the songs i was listening to during today’s workout.



R. Cali. A$AP Rocky.


White Crime. Lil Dicky. 


Fuckthepopulation. $UICIDEBOY$.


The Beach House. South Park Mexican (SPM).


Kronica Smoke. Califa Thugs.


Jam. Logic.



Thanks for taking a read. Let me know what you think about this workout plan. I’d love to learn about some of your own workout plans as well!



Abbie Leigh B 🐰🖤

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