Today’s Workout + Playlist

Good morning bloggers! I am back yet again at the gym. About 2 days ago i killed my legs + glutes, so today i am going to continue giving those muscles some time off and focus on core.

Ah, the infamous core crunching routine; no one likes to do core but it is one of the most important muscle regions to work out regularly. A tight core = you’re doing something right at the gym.

With all that said, below exists a list of the exercises i performed today.



Today’s Workout:

•I started today’s session on the treadmill. I walked for 20 minutes on a flat incline to get my muscles moving and heart pumping.

Core Crusher Circuit:

• Next, i performed some weighted v-ups. Grab a 10lb plate and lay down on a mat. with the plate in your hands, reach it above your head. Bring feet+arms together to touch at the top, hold, then back down. 10 reps.

• Weighted crunches. Form- keep plate above your head + arms straight (but not locked). Focus on a spot on the ceiling and watch it the whole time you’re performing the set. 25 reps.

Scissor kicks. Form- lay your back down on the mat. Hands palm down on mat, under your booty. raise legs a few inches off the ground and kick them in/out, slowly. 25 kicking vertically, 25 kicking horizontal.

Repeat 4 times.

Phew! I am finished for today, and am going to drink a protein smoothie now to recover. I hope you enjoy today + wherever your next workout brings you!



Gin and Juice. Snoop Dogg.



Tunnel Vision. Kodak Black.



Domesplitter. Mr. Criminal.



What’s Luv? Fat Joe.


In Hillwood. SPM.



Dope Dealer. Schoolboy Q, E-40.



New Level. A$AP Ferg, Future.



So Fly. NB Ridaz.



I Don’t Give a Fucc. Nipsey Hussle.



Deadly Sins. Clika One.




Thanks for taking a read. Let me know what you think about this workout plan and if you have any fun workouts to try this summer. I’d love to learn about some of your own workout plans as well!




Abbie Leigh B 🐰🖤


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