Artist Shoutout: 760wolf on Instagram

Hello everybody! Today i’ve decided to take some time to bring attention to a fabulous artist i’ve found through social media. His  name is Andrew De Leon, a Native American and fellow Californian. To find him on Instagram, type in 760wolf.

As i’ve mentioned before, i created an instagram account [username: abbieleighblog] for the purpose of drawing extra attention to my blog. Getting this site out there any little way i can is important to me. πŸ˜‡

Anyway, below i’ve included some photographs of his work. His style is SO me; his pieces include hippie vibes. That means cool sun and moon art [i have a sun and moon tattoo! πŸŒžπŸŒ›], aliens, eyeballs, and more quirky topics featured in his interesting pictures. His cultural roots shine through in all his art.

Take a peek at 760wolf’s beautiful art below:

Yes, this is my site’s homepage picture!

Are there any cool artists you’ve heard of? Let me know, i’d love to check them out. I will be including more art-related posts on this site soon. Stay tuned!


Abbie Leigh πŸ°πŸ–€

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