Santa Barbara, CA: Today’s Vacation Destination

Last Thursday and Friday, as an early 20th birthday present, my boyfriend drove us to stay at a quaint beach city in Santa Barbara, California. The drive was 3-4 hours, and most of the time we spent driving straight through Los Angeles. 

The traffic in LA has become increasingly horrendous over the years. Without traffic, one from Orange County can get to LA in about 45 minutes, but the city’s overpopulation problem has grown significantly. When heading there, make sure you are prepared for [occasionally at a full stop] bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Once you pass through LA, the surroundings open up and there is a lot of natural land and pretty hills offroad.

While we were in Santa Barbara, we spent time on the beach and visited the city’s main boardwalk which featured several shops and restaurants. There was even a mini aquarium filled with sharks, jellyfish, sea stars, and anenome. We also went kayaking which was a blast!

Below i’ve included some of my favorite photos from our mini staycation.

Where is your next travel destination? What type of activities do you try to add into your vacation itinerary? Let me know. Thank you for taking a read!


Abbie Leigh 🖤🐰

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