Artist Shoutout: davel_art on Instagram

One of my favorite places to be and sceneries to marvel at is the beach, so naturally, i appreciate ocean-themed art. Occasionally while browsing my Instagram explore page i had seen a few of  davel_art ‘s pieces, and after browsing his account i realized they all came from him.

The artist’s simplistic technique causes each picture’s subject to pop off the page. He seems to be very involved in his community, collaborating with swimwear companies and making murals for example.

Below i’ve included some pictures of his art for you to browse through. Enjoy!













What do you think about davel_art’s pictures? Do you follow any creative Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for taking a read!


Abbie Leigh 🖤🐰

19 thoughts on “Artist Shoutout: davel_art on Instagram

      1. Thank you so much Brenda. I go to Chapman University and i just started a summer course called Topics in Lit/Cultural Studies (Fairy Tales & Cultural Theory). So far, we’ve covered Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. I plan to write some posts regarding the interesting stuff i learn in class. Based on your blog’s title, i thought you may be interested. 🙂

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  1. The reading was enjoyable and the pictures are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

    Ps: Abbie, did your ig account disappear? 😕

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    1. Thank you, im so happy you enjoyed my post! Yes, i disabled my account because instagram really isn’t my thing. as ive gotten more dedicated to my blog i decided to focus just on that rather than both


      1. Oh, I see that’s a pity :/ but I think it was probably the best choice

        I read one comment above saying that you are in a Summer course of Lit/cultural studies. I study in Prague and, yes, I agree that these studies are very interesting. It’s a different world that just few understand

        I really liked your posts on instagram, I think you are person who gives off a lot of energy and that’s the main characteristic I liked about your posts there.

        Is there any social networks where it is possible to follow you or to add you? 🙂

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      2. I agree, classes like the ones we’ve taken are very eye-opening. im glad you appreciated my instagram account, it’s nice knowing ive positively impacted some people. I have a facebook account, if you just look up Abbie Berman i should pop up as one of the first ones.


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