Angels Baseball Game 

Today my parents and i visited the Angels baseball stadium in Anaheim, California. As a young girl growing up in SoCal, i visited the Angels stadium at least a few times a season.

We specifically decided to go today because the 6:00pm game is Angels vs Red Sox, and as my dad is a Sox fan (born and raised near Boston), it just made sense to go. So our family makes for a funny picture [my dad’s wearing a Sox jersey and i’m wearing an Angels tee].

By the top of the second inning, the Red Sox had already scored three home runs, while the Angels scored zero. The Sox fans were going wild!

At the end of the bottom of the 3rd inning, the Angels had scored four home runs!

The Angels were winning 6:3 at the bottom of the 5th inning.

The final score was 7:3, which i was pretty happy about. Not so much my dad! Below i’ve included some photos from this evening.







Are you a fan of baseball? If yes, which team are you a fan of? Thank you for checking out this post, i hope everyone’s weekend is going well. Until next time!



Abbie Leigh  🐰🖤

6 thoughts on “Angels Baseball Game 

  1. I’m a Toronto Blue Jays fan. We see the Red Sox way too many times in a season and the Angels not enough. Good choice by the way, with the ice cream sandwich!

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  2. I’m an Angels Fan. You picked a great game to go see. Unfortunately with work and all I haven’t had a chance to go to any Angel games this season. Hoping I can go before season ends.

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    1. Yes it was a great game, my dad was disappointed because big papi is officially retired but they’re still a strong team. i hope you find some time to go to a game this season, im sure you’ll be so glad that you did. ⚾️

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      1. Definitely. I flew to Boston and bought ticket to see game and it got rained out. The stadium is beautiful out there. I did the tour.


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