Poem: Lust

Every couple

at the commencement of their relationship

falls into a ‘honeymoon’-like period

in which everything the other does seems just so perfect

caught in a twilight zone between love and lust.

as time goes on


sturdy, steadfast love

begins to take over.

but what would a young relationship be

without some lust to fuel the fire?

people tend to mix up the two emotions in their mind

and they may come to feel that love is harder to find

than they once believed.

i recall

my lover once said to me

i used to think i knew what love is,

but it turns out that was just lust.

with me, he’s found his perfect ratio

as have i in him.

one cannot love on a whim

for lust is much easier to fall into

than true, deep love.


Written in response to the Daily Post’s prompt.



Thank you for taking a read! On my page, i tend to share other writers’ poetry and add my insight to it. Now, i finally feel ready to share some of my own writings with everyone on my blog. What do you think about this piece? Who are your favorite poets/prose masters?



Abbie Leigh 🐰🖤

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