The Big Island: Hawaii

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while but I’m feeling ready to jump back into posting on Blonde Babie Blog. It’s been a busy summer thus far, and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit! At the very end of June, my family and I flew out to Hawaii and spent a week there. In addition to spending lazy days at the lava rock strewn beaches and the warm infinity pool at the hotel, we did some amazing activities. First, we went ATV riding in the nearly uncorrupted mountains surrounding what is known as the Valley of the Kings. Below are some photos that I took during this adventure.



Above is a photo I took at one of the rest stops on our ten mile ATV ride. We were up high in the mountains and below us was the Valley of the Kings, which is comprised of taro root fields that lead up to beautiful black sand beaches and the ocean.




Above is a photo taken at the final rest stop on the ATV ride. This is a sacred pond that ancient Hawaiian kings would bathe in to cleanse and purify themselves. The tour guides asked everyone who dipped into this pond to be very respectful of the waters. There I am, wading into the icy cold fresh water. It was quite a treat!




Above is a photograph of a river of lava that the volcano erupting in Hawaii dumped onto the island, and it leads to the ocean. My family and I took a helicopter ride one day of our trip, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. We flew over a large portion of the Big Island of Hawaii and saw macadamia nut fields, volcanoes, valleys, cattle ranches, rain forests, and the city where the volcano was erupting.



Above is a video of the volcano that we flew over during the helicopter ride. What a trip!



Above is the final picture I’ll share with you all from our trip. This was taken on the very first day we arrived at the hotel, before I got some huge sunburns and a residual tan.


How has your own summer been? What is your dream vacation destination? Let me know in the comments. I plan on posting more frequently so expect to see more from me soon. Thanks for taking a read!


Abbie Leigh 🐰

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