Photos: The Little Things

Hello fellow bloggers! I hope all is well. In preparation for my final university course, an independent study of poetry writing, I have been spending a great deal of time actively looking for inspiration in my surroundings.

Ideas come to my mind as I become one with the environment and notice sound of rustling tree leaves that accompany a breezy day, a shining shell peeking out from beneath the sands, and the veins of a smoky crystal quartz rock, amongst countless others. I take photographs of little details like these that catch my attention, and later look back at these images to help cultivate a poem.

Below, I’ve included a few photos of little things I’ve taken myself that help get me writing.

What helps you spark your creative process? Do any of these photographs speak to you?

Thank you for taking a look at these photos.


Abbie Leigh 🐰

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