Poems: Personal Growth & Forgiveness

Accepting where you are currently at in life is the first step toward achieving peace of mind. I find myself to be self critical, and think of what could have been if it weren’t for past traumas. This thought process is not productive, as the present moment is the only thing we can actively do something about.

The poems I’ve included below, written by Samantha King in her poetry book titled Born to Love, Cursed to Feel, are the perfect pieces to read when you need a gentle reality check that will push you to accept the present.

What’s done is done, and the only path toward healing involves forgiving yourself for making the mistakes that once put you in harm’s way.

The last two lines of this poem resonate with me especially deeply, as we are all on our own unique path toward wellness and healing. Happiness comes slowly, with self acceptance and the openness to beneficial change.

I hope these poems help you to remember how important self understanding is to growth and genuine internal love.

Thank you for taking a read!


Abbie Leigh 🐰