my new instagram poetry

she’s back ✨
thank you for your patience with me as i have been taking time away from my account to recharge, heal, and reflect. to those here for my writing, i am excited to become part of the poetry community once more 🤍
i’m here to learn and grow; send your favorite poets / poems my way. it’s exciting to be back 🥹
let me know what you think of this piece below if you’d like 💭
the heart shedding her shell 🐚
cypress hill on the brain 🌿
i’ve been allowing my personality to shine through my poetry more often; what do you think? ✍🏻
let me know in the comments below if you’d like✨

thank you for sticking around 🤍 i intend to update this blog with new poetry regularly. stay tuned for more!


abbie leigh 🌞

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