Sensual Art: Georgia O’Keeffe

Note: preview photo is ‘Series I, No. 8,’ 1919.

“Through her combination of profound intuition with a clear capacity for abstraction, Georgia O’Keeffe created a repertoire of geometric and organic forms which swept her to a high point in an artistic career which had barely yet begun.” Britta Benke, O’Keeffe.

Auguste Rodin was “the first to render the naked body in motion.” After studying his works, O’Keeffe was attending the Art Institute of Chicago, she created these pieces to practice life drawing techniques for a class. Her friend posed as the model/subject of these watercolor paintings. The piece is renowned for its overlapping areas of color which the added “an element of dynamism and vitality” to the figures.

Check out these watercolor images below:



Nude Series XII, 1917.


Nude Series VIII, 1917.

What do you think about these pieces? Let me know, and stay tuned for more posts exploring O’Keeffe’s stunning art career and history.



Abbie Leigh πŸ°πŸ–€


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